Max’s (Our Mortgage Expert) Tip: Don't forget the closing costs involved in a mortgage Not only do you need a solid down payment for a home purchase, you'll have to pay closing costs (property taxes, homeowners insurance, title search fees, surveys,...

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Keep Your Finances Steady

Max's (Our Mortgage Expert) Advice for you: Keep your finances steady. When you apply for the mortgage, the lender looks at your credit report and your credit score. Then, the day before or day of closing, the lender looks at your credit again. If there's a...

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Don’t Forget About Taxes!

Lots of pre-approvals going on right now - people, when you're getting pre-approved, don't just accept a figure that you're pre-approved for without discussing property taxes. If you didn't discuss that part, you don't really know what you're pre-approved for. Nice...

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Change Jobs Later

Max’s (Our Mortgage Expert) Tip: Get your house bought or refinanced before you change jobs Get your house bought or refinanced before you change jobs - because it's a lot tougher afterwards.

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