History of Baker Mortgage

Baker Mortgage was started in 1955 by Gordon R. Baker, a native Houstonian who grew up in a modest home on Anita Street in downtown Houston.  After a tour of duty in the U.S. Navy, and putting himself through school at the University of Houston, it was rather obvious that Gordon was not going to be happy with the average desk job, and learned the mortgage and real estate business from his mother and grandfather. They instilled in him a strong work ethic as well as a sense of decency and honor that he is fondly remembered for today.

In 1977, Gordon’s daughter Cathy came to work with him on what was supposed to be a temporary basis. Even though it had never been “the plan”, from the time she was a little girl going to the office with her father on Saturday mornings, she had literally been around the business all of her life. Cathy was fortunate to work with her father for almost eighteen years.

Small companies only survive if they do business the right way, and treat people right. That way, people not only come back, but they send their friends, their co-workers, and their children. We call those “Dad deals”, and we’re very fortunate, in that we do a lot of those. We’re like the surrogate lender to so many families that send their kids, and we’re honored to be in that position. We are proud and humbled by both the repeat as well as the referral business – and they’ve kept us here since 1955.

The company has always kept a family type of atmosphere, and you notice the difference when you call or when you walk in the door. We still have real people answer the phone. Voice mail is available only after normal business hours.

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