Items Needed for Processing

To ensure smooth processing of your loan, there are certain items that we will need you to provide. The following is a general list of the items needed, but in some cases there may be additional documents required.

  • Copy of driver’s license(s)
  • Last 2 statements, ALL pages, for any bank account listed on the application
  • Most recent quarterly retirement account(s) or investment statement(s) (ALL pages)
    • Alternatively, last 2 statements if reported monthly
  • 2 most recent personal tax returns with ALL SCHEDULES, W2s, 1099s, K1s
  • 2 most recent business tax returns with ALL SCHEDULES (IF APPLICABLE)
  • Paycheck stubs covering the most recent 30 days of employment
  • Contact information for homeowners insurance agent and copy of declarations page for current insurance
  • Existing survey (REFINANCE)
  • Current Mortgage Statement (REFINANCE)

Other items if applicable

  • Bankruptcy papers, discharge form and creditors list
  • Social Security awards letter
  • Pension and retirement income rewards letter
  • Divorce Decree
  • DD-214 and/or copy of Original Certification of Eligibility if available (VA LOANS)
  • If receiving a gift, a gift letter must be completed and signed by the borrower and the donor.

As always, please call or email at any time if you have any questions or concerns.



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