Getting educated about anything major you’re thinking of doing is always to your advantage, and in the home buying business, there’s no such thing as TMI, or too much information. If you’re thinking of buying a house and you’re not sure, check out your own credit. It’s especially important to check it yourself, number one so you know and number two it doesn’t count as a hit against you because enough of those will pull down your score. Two things to remember, pull a tri-merge so you have 3 scores and print those scores so you know. Credit scores are more important than ever, and a credit report with no scores is pretty much useless. That’s why they are free.

Bad things happen to good people and lots of folks out there don’t have the credit scores they once did. But if you’re nervous or uncomfortable about what it might look like, check it, face it and then you can get on with fixing it.

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