No matter which political side you sit on wouldn’t it be nice to be like Congress and be able to vote yourself a pay raise? Why not consider voting yourself in for a pay raise by getting better terms on your mortgage? Lots of people are doing it, so you really owe it to yourself to check it out and see if refinancing will improve your situation overall.

Most of us survive on a limited budget which means it’s more important than ever to use money in a smart way in order to spread it around as much as we can.

How about refinancing to eliminate your escrow account and improve your monthly cash flow with the decision to pay your own taxes and insurance? If you choose to, you can write a check to yourself each month and deposit it into your own savings account for whatever the monthly amount runs for your taxes and insurance. That way, you won’t be lending money to the mortgage company all year, interest free. Better yet you’ll also never receive one of those ugly letters from the mortgage company telling you how much your payment is going up due to the escrow account having a shortage.

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